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Your Pay Is Too Small

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Hello GIVERS — Here is your weekly relationship contribution from GIVERS University.

I saw a LinkedIn post this morning which I have to challenge: “Experienced Applicants Deserve Greater Pay.”
This mindset is grossly inaccurate for a number of reasons.
  1. This Smacks of Entitlement. “I did it in the past so pay me for my past.” A person is not automatically entitled to higher compensation simply based on past experience alone.
  2. If experience means “Education,” this could also be a waste of resources since we have met many educated idiots. Knowing something is not the same as applying something. We are strong advocates FOR EDUCATION; however, this education MUST BE APPLIED to create real value or additional compensation. This is where great on-the-job training and upskilling come into play. “How To Do” training is the key here.
  3. If experience means “Time on the Job,” this could be a Taker mindset since there are many people who are simply taking up space on the job but adding little to no value. Basically, collecting a paycheck for just showing up (aka the “Clock Burner”). IMPORTANT TIP: Clock burners become known once once you observe them burning the clock … over and over again. A great tool here is to use the 25 Do’s in the GIVERS Mindset course as a checklist to discuss with previous employers. Ask them about the new applicants as you go through the checklist of 25 Do’s. This is a great DISCERNING tool for your toolbox.
  4. Simply because someone has done something in the past, does not mean that they will do it again in the future.
  5. No one is entitled. Everyone must produce results or make room for those who are producing results or teaching others how to produce results.

Don’t you agree with the following?

A person should be compensated based on where they are at the corner of 2 streets:

Street #1: Past Accomplishments, and

Street #2: Current & Future Results

Certainly, past accomplishments should be acknowledged and not ignored. If a person has accomplished a task in the past, then it does deserve consideration. They have shown that they can DO IT. They have learned how to do the task, and they have successfully completed the task at least once.

But this is only the first half of the consideration for compensation.  What is the second half?

The second half is based on the results that they are actually producing now combined with future results as they are generated. To quantify these current results is a more accurate way of quantifying current compensation.

Certainly, those with the greatest past accomplishments PLUS the greatest current and future results should receive the highest compensation.


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