Project Management

We offer project management expertise in the review, analysis, selection, and implementation of internal and external systems and programs.

Training & Development

Training & Development is a key component of employee engagement and plays a vital role in performance management and career development due to advancing technologies, increasing competition, and demanding customer requirements.

Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, organizations with engaged employees outperform others by 147%.  Source: Gallup (2016) “The Culture of an Engaged Workplace: Q12 Engagement.”


Compensation is one key piece of the puzzle that affects employee retention. Many components go into the compensation package that require constant monitoring.


Now, more than ever, employees expect more from their employers. Competition for employees has raised the visibility of, and increased the pressure on, the overall benefits package offered to employees during the entire employment lifecycle.

GIVERS University

We show your employees the natural and inherent benefits and rewards of thinking and acting more like GIVERS and less like takers.

Human Resources & Compliance

Organizations often succeed or fail according to the strength of their people. They are their most costly investment and their biggest risk.

Talent Management

Talent Management refers to a company’s ability to successfully recruit, retain, and develop the best available talent and relies more heavily on the manager rather than Human Resources.

Health Action Council

A member-driven organization combining the collective purchasing power of more than 200 employer and union groups covering in excess of 2,000,000 unique individuals.