The GIVERS Junto Pledge: Does It Help or Hurt You?


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The GIVERS Junto Pledge: Does It Help or Hurt You? GIVERS Junto Pillar # 2 – Episode #8

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The GIVERS Junto Pledge: Does It Help or Hurt You?

The 2nd Pillar and Pledge of a GIVER Junto is:

To Help Every GIVERS Junto Member Lead a Life of Predictive, Massive, and Exceptional Happiness, Freedom, and Greatness

This pillar is important because it sets forth the 2nd expectational vow and commitment for each member of your GIVERS Junto.

What if you had a group of 12 members in your GIVERS Junto, and each member has made a vow “up front” to help every other member Lead a Life of Predictive, Massive, and Exceptional Happiness, Freedom, and Greatness?

How would you be impacting their lives?

How would the other 11 (if you have 12 members) be impacting your life?

Can you imagine the power of a group of 12 where the other 11 are helping you in this way? And you are helping all of them in this way?

You may think this sounds a bit utopian, but I can personally assure you that it is not. It absolutely, positively works. I personally have lived this.

The key here is that the Exceptional Vows must be agreed upon “UP FRONT” by all members and they must be adhered to by all members for the duration.

When you have followed the steps we provide, the GIVERS Spirit of Harmony will be present and benefit all members.

Each member must commit to this 2nd pillar before you accept them into your GIVERS Junto.

In the upcoming weeks, you will learn how to form your own GIVERS Junto Chapter or how to become a member of a GIVERS Junto that is already formed.

We will show you exactly (step-by-step) how to surround yourself with the kinds of GIVERS you have always wanted around you.

By: E.A. Csolkovits, Founder & Patriarch of GIVERS University

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Giving with E.A. Csolkovits – Host: Heather Hansen ONeill


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