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Automobile Insurance

Buying appropriate liability insurance is important in planning for personal financial security. This is particularly true for liability insurance because people have become so litigious and claims conscious.

The personal Automobile Insurance (AI) policies typically provide for liability coverage (Part A), medical payments coverage (Part B), uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage (Part C) and damage to covered autos (Part D).

Homeowners Insurance

When basic property coverage's and comprehensive personal liability coverage are added to some other coverage's (such as personal theft insurance), or in some cases written on an all risks basis, the resulting package is called a Homeowners Insurance (HI) policy

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance (RI) covers loss/damage to your own property as well as provide protection for personal liability caused by you to others or the rental unit itself.

Boat Insurance (also know as Yacht Insurance)

Yacht Insurance (BI) covers the physical damage to the boat (hull) itself as well as provide personal liability arising out of the use of the boat.

Umbrella Liability Insurance (also known as Personal Excess Liability)

The desire of individuals for higher liability limits and broader protection inspired the creation of the personal excess liability, catastrophe liability, or umbrella contract. It is "excess" insurance and so there are required underlying policies, such as automobile and homeowners policies.

Fine Arts and Jewelry Insurance

Usually added as a rider to the homeowner's policy, Fine Arts and Jewelry Insurance provides all-risk coverage for loss or damage including theft and mysterious disappearance to your valuable items such as jewelry, watches or artwork. Generally written without a deductible.

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