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Over 4,000 pages of content on HR, Employee Benefits and Payroll information.
As laws and regulations become more confusing and time becomes less available, human resource management professionals need accurate and authoritative reporting. Use our on-line guides to reference the most current U.S. human resource management standards.

U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide
CCH's U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide is the ideal reference the HR personnel, benefits professionals, benefits attorneys, payroll managers-or anyone involved in the area of employee benefits. This guide discusses pertinent federal tax and labor laws as they involve employee benefits plans and provides straight-forward coverage of important employee benefits issues. It also offers helpful insights into the issues that confront HR and benefits professionals on a daily basis.

U.S. Master Human Resources Guide
CCH's U.S. Master Human Resources Guide covers the entire body of knowledge of human resources management. It includes the most recent cases, government studies and legislation affecting human resources management. This guide provides a foundation for the application of sound human resources practices in business and for teaching in the academic setting.

U.S. Master Pension Plan Guide
CCH's U.S. Master Pension Plan Guide provides everything you need to set up, maintain, revise or terminate a pension plan and resolve day-to-day concerns right at your fingertips. It provides comprehensive information on the tax, reporting and disclosure, and legal rules affecting most types of employee benefit plans, including corporate pension, profit sharing, 401(k), and self-employed plans and individual retirement accounts, welfare benefit plans and non-qualified arrangements.

U.S. Master Payroll Guide
CCH's U.S. Master Payroll Guide focuses on the basics of payroll. Some of the key areas include federal withholding requirements, federal taxable payroll laws, federal records and returns, wages and hours and garnishment-assignments.

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