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On-Site Executive Management (Your VP of HR)- May 2008

Many small- to mid-sized businesses are familiar with an outsourced CEO or CFO. This is a higher-level professional that typically works on a part-time basis but brings a much greater level of knowledge and experience to the organization than they could afford on a full-time basis. Many Venture Capital (VC) firms use this strategy by temporarily deploying their own management team into an organization following an acquisition in order to speed up the integration and develop the corporate structure needed to succeed.

Well what about an on-site HR Executive? While MagnaHR is dedicated to our core HR outsourcing and administration business which focuses on the tactical side of human resources, many of our clients have called upon us to assist on a regular basis with more strategic initiatives such as acquisitions and divestitures, employee relations, salary planning, performance management, staffing and recruiting, training and development, etc. Much of this can be done on a consultative basis but we have found that it is typically much more beneficial to the organization to have an ?on-site? presence on a part-time basis to function as the Vice President of Human Resources.

With that in mind, we?ve been expanding our business to offer On-Site HR Management over the past 2 years and this business has grown tremendously. As a result, Betsy Mercado has agreed to join MagnaHR as a Vice President functioning in the role of ?On-Site? Relationship Manager for several clients. Prior to MagnaHR, Betsy spent 6 years with the Palm Restaurant Group as the Vice President of Human Resources and she served in various senior-level HR roles at Hughes Network Systems and Adecco Employment Services. Betsy received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Towson University (Towson, Maryland) and her Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management from The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland). We?re very excited to have someone with Betsy?s experience on our team.

If you?d like to learn more about On-Site HR Management, please contact MagnaHR at (440) 684-9848 or (866) MAGNAHR (866-624-6247).

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