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We saved over $45,000 in healthcare costs in the first year? which was 25% of the previous year? after we implemented the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)?which combines a high deductible medical plan with a self-insured HRA.

- Mark P.
Family-Owned Business Client

Due to our geographically dispersed workforce, MagnaHR acts as our Corporate HR function by providing us with end-to-end HR services ?from new hire administration to termination management? and everything in between. They even manage our Canadian employees and implemented a new health plan that saved nearly $50,000 a year.

- Bob D.
Information Technology Client

We have 150 employees in 28 states with many of them working from home. The 100% web-based Employee Self-Service platform allows all of our employees to review and update their own personal information, input time and attendance records that allow us to properly track and record production hours and accurately invoice our customers, and review and enroll in a variety of benefit plans.

- Randy C.
Healthcare Client

Our franchise provides cognitive skills training to children and adults. As we've grown from a start-up with 5 employees to over 100 employees (with plans to grow to over 1,000 employees in 8 states), we needed a scalable HR solution that could grow with us. MagnaHR fills that need.

- Jim R.
Training Client

We're always looking for ways to build a better mousetrap. Our attorney referred us to MagnaHR who has already shown us how to better match our payroll processing cycle with our business needs, improve our internal HR processes, add new benefits for our employees and reduce our overall administrative costs. Also, we were staring down the barrel of a $42,000 (37%) healthcare rate increase. MagnaHR showed us how we could actually SAVE $12,000 by adding a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)?and we didn?t even have to change providers.

- Jack B.
Engineering Client

In order to better facilitate our expansion, we recently divested ourselves from our parent and became a stand-alone company. However, we lost the internal infrastructure that was provided by the corporate parent and hired MagnaHR to fulfill this role. We found that outsourcing was a much more cost-effective alternative for today? and a much more scaleable solution for tomorrow.

- Peter T.
Professional Services Client

We hired MagnaHR to provide M&A (Merger & Acquisition) integration services. Due to their expertise, we saved nearly $100,000 in merger-related costs.

- Steve M.
Not-for-Profit Client

With 800 employees spread out over 5 plant locations in 3 states (Ohio, New York and Georgia), we were looking to streamline and centralize a very decentralized HR/Payroll organization. Each plant location was operating autonomously under their own set of rules and procedures. We hired MagnaHR to to help us make sense of it all. With the help of MagnaHR, we elected to outsource and centralize our core administrative HR/Payroll functions. They conducted an HR Audit to identify compliance and safety issues and bring "best practices" to the organization. They conducted an Organizational Capability Assessment to benchmark our compensation levels and bring a pay-for-performance mindset to the organization as well as introducing "soft skill" competencies to the performance management process. Today, MagnaHR continues to provide us with on-going administrative and strategic HR support.

- Bill N.
Manufacturing Client

Due to our diverse holdings in construction and real estate, we hired MagnaHR to cetralize and streamline the HR function at our diverse business units. They've drastically improved the delivery of HR and allowed us to stay focused on our core businesses rather than dealing with the non value-added issues that come up on a regular basis.

- Dean S.
Construction Company

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